Japan 2016 Travel Log 12: Tokyo Snippets


So with only a total of 2 full days in Tokyo, we were really selective about where we should head to – and in the end boiled it down to two – One Piece Tower and the Ghibli Museum. We did gobble sashimi at Tsukiji in the morning of course. The nights were basically spent shopping and doing last minute souvenir hunting. Our travel fatigue really got to us by then and the bulging luggages didn’t help so much.

Part 1: Mitaka, Ghibli Museum

Giant Laputa Robot


Tokyo was really wet and dreary, and because most of the spots which we went – Ghibli Museum and Tsukiji market – didn’t allow photography inside, there isn’t much I could take.





Ghibli Museum is a wonder on its own, and you get to sit on a cat-bus replica- how cool is that? They have steampunk elevators, windy iron-wroughted staircases, tiny doorways and even their toilets were a mismatch of posh victorian and country.







I’d definitely recommend Ghibli museum to anyone who can appreciate old school animation. Why bother drawing frame-by-frame when you can make a figurine out of each frame and spin them around to create a 3D ‘animation’ of it’s own? They also showcase pin ups of legit watercolour works done by Hayao Miyazaki, as well as a couple of his scrapbook of reference photography, and a mock-up model of his work space and studio.


Inokashira Park



Farfetch spawn here BUT WE DIDN’T CATCH ANY /grosssobbing



We were desperate enough to consider renting one to paddle for the damn duck down the lake



Part 2: Shibuya Night





Muji Cafe






Part 3: Home Turf Ueno


We start the day right with nikudon







Thanks for viewing!


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