Japan 2016 Travel Log 11: One Piece Tokyo Tower


We spent roughly 6 hours in the One Piece tower, and that was only because we were stubbornly insistent on completing all stations and obtaining the chops for each station for their halloween special side quest, to get a freebie draw. We ended up drawing a small goodie bag containing a clear folder, OP washi tape and some postcards lol

We went to tokyo tower for skewered reasons…



This is the start of the fall of the both of us





Strawhats at Tongari Island!









Sanji’s smile is really cute here I cannot




Sanji’s Oresama Restaurant



Our first stop was cafe mugiwara!



So you can browse manga





The green balls of Marimo… kekeke





Chopper’s Attraction: Sanji’s kitchen in Sunny-go









flanked by hotties left and right. dream come true.







Of all the stations, I’d rank Brook’s the most exciting, Robin’s the most difficult and Zoro’s the most boring. And Luffy’s was just an invitation for the waterworks galore. OP Tower took up three stories of the Tokyo Tower (which we didn’t even bother to go up for) and it was littered with statues of the main cast – within the attractions and outside on public areas. Sanji had the most number of appearance – a total of 3 I think. OFC the best of them were the life-sized statues of the baes Ace and Law.

So guys, I’m considering eloping..



Why is he so perfect




The live stage play got us way more high – and we were pretty much hyperventilating from the excitement of just being in the OP tower already – and I think the casts were really well picked out in terms of height and physique, especially much kudos for Usopp!


Highlight: Live Stage Play



So when you’re impatient and waiting.



Law’s epic entrance did not disappoint his fangirls









All of them were really into their own character, and the way they moved and interacted with each other was simply too flawless. Zoro especially moved really fluidly for someone handling 3 swords and throwing in several gymnastics into the mix. And unlike the tsundere Law, Zoro’s really such a huge dork as he joined his crew in the ending performance.


Zoro wat



Usopp’s physique is quite accurate!



Piko-tan pew pew! And once you spot it…





Just get married already both of you



The many forms of marimo waving his glowing stick






Everyone was really into character and extremely photogenic!



Had fun with the Strawhats at Tongari Island! Much ❤


Thanks for viewing!
Tongari saikyou!

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