Japan 2016 Travel Log 10: Hakone

Hakone, kanto, JAPAN

This was my second time in Hakone, but instead of a day trip I decided to stay for a ryokan night instead. This was the only time we splurged on lodgings during this trip – and it wasn’t even the best in town – but the hot onsen baths, traditional rooms, comfy futons and the food – oh yes the food – made the price we paid for seemed totally cheap.

Hakone station





We spent a total of 2 days in Hakone, but our first day was a total flub. The typhoon struck fast and hard and though we made it to Lake Ashi station, it was simply too dangerous to journey all the way out to the shrine. In the end, we just called it a day and retired back into our ryokan for the night, drenched and miserable max. The warmed meals, hot bath and impromptu facial really did wonders for our psyche though.

The second day fared better for us. After getting rid of our baggage, we made it to the top of Owakudani mountain via ropeway. Things looked the same as they did when I was here 2 years back.

Hello again Owakudani



Could barely smell the sulphur … jigokudani trained us well






In Owakudani you gotta kurotamago

Walk slightly further down for a cheaper rest stop though, to find what was probably one of the freshest damn milk I’ve ever had in my life; they weren’t kidding when they said milk was their specialty.

One of the freshest milk I’ve had in my life



It’s never too cold for kurotama dorayaki soft serves










We had our eye on the Little Prince Museum, and though it was out of the way from the recommended route, we grabbed a bus there anyways. I’d say that we’d made a good decision!

Little Prince Museum









Dainty much



Barren of gaijins, just how we like it










The outdoor garden



The museum wasn’t filled with the usual hustle of foreign tourists; there were a litter of japanese couples but that was basically it. I felt that it was more a tribute to Antoine de Saint-Exupery than to the book itself.

Inside the Museum






There really isn’t much you can do here except take a few photographs. The cafe there was so – so, but pluses to their all-you-can-raid drink bar and their attempt at having a purely male serving staff.



Onsen night and ryokan dinner





Fat juicy sashimi-chan



Scrumptious Max





When in ryokan you simply must facial





So we tried that unglam > glam thing but it was an epic failure



Thank you hakone, we had fun!



Thanks for viewing!
Kyojin photobomb

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