Japan 2016 Travel Log 09: Osaka

Osaka, KANsai, JAPAN

Though we stationed ourselves in Osaka, we spent most of our days outside on day trips in other different prefectures around Kansai. By the time we return in the evenings, we’re usually too pooped to be going any much further (old bones creaking and all). On the days we did though, it could be summed up in one word: DONKI

Part 1: That hipster cafe in Osaka


Nights were spent shopping and basically coming back exhausted, lugging all our shopping hauls along. Nakazakicho – osaka’s residential hipster street – was the only short relief, and though the food wasn’t spectacular, the overall hipsterness of the entire cafe – and how ulu it was – got us into our swaku overly excited gaijin modes XD


Hipster cafe at Nakazakicho



A mismatch of seating





There is even seating on the ‘second floor’







Part 2: Pokemon Center, Osaka


Twas the season for all hallows eve






Part 3: A mismatch of other random things we did in Osaka


Osaka has a bustling nightlife. We were too tired after all that walking and sadly gave Dotonburi a miss. Because shops close waaay later than they did in Hokkaido – like, 10-ish? – with the exception of Donki who closes at ungodly hours of 3am, we really went home knocked out and spent, both in money and energy.




Well hello there, handsome




Thanks for viewing!
Meowth that’s right


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