Japan 2016 Travel Log 07: Kyoto


The hike up Kiyomizu-dera wasn’t any less arduous than it had been on my previous trip here.

Our day in Kyoto could be summed up in one word – wet. We went on a weekend, and the already narrow streets were exceptionally crowded. Girls took time to doll up nicely in kimonos and nice hairdos, dragging reluctant husbands along for the ride. You really can’t get a more traditional japanese experience then in Kyoto.





Our breakfast at Kyoto station was by pure chance – I took one look into the shop and simply HAD to drag Fang inside. Kyoto is a city in absolute love with wood, and thereby take my love with them as well. The cake was extremely condensed with matcha, and you can alternate your slices in either yuzu sauce or with whipped cream. They also serve you tea in a gigantic iron-wrought teapot.








money shot



Descending from the main hall



Spooky much












Descending Kiyomizu-dera











Random jinja












Ishibei-koji street







le wild totoro appears



Leaving temple kyoto


We didn’t eat a proper lunch, but we had two different teas whilst walking through the jinja area. When finally reaching the geisha shopping district, our dinner of omelette rice was in an obscure edge of the crowd, and not many chance by it as their main door was only accessible via a flight of stairs up to the second floor. There wasn’t any patrons when we dropped by, and the seats we snagged provided quite a nice view of the traffic spread out across Kyoto.




Souvenir at Geisha street- Would buy the entire collection if I had money


The rest of the day was simply spent shopping, which ended with a quick supper at Hoshino coffee – their chestnut souffle pancakes were simply to die for.




Thanks for viewing!
Matcha Drink and Puffs



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