Japan 2016 Travel Log 08: Kurama & Kibune

Kurama & Kibune, KANSAI, JAPAN

Not your usual tourist spot, Kurama and Kibune usually caters to japanese pilgrims or shinto enthusiast. Don’t really see much foreign tourists in this area. It was a nice change because we were getting kinda claustrophobic in Kyoto with the sheer multitude of fellow gaijins milling about.

Yuji-jinja shrine



There’s the Tengu



And then there’s us.





commemorating the start of our hike


Wear mountain hiking shoes because the climb is arduous, and this commemorated the second time my nikes screamed abuse at me. We thought we’d seen it all at Noboribetsu but Kurama tops it all and more. Starting from Kurama, you’ll enter through the jinja and pay a quick token admission fee. Then begins your spartan exercise regime by Kurama-dera. The saving grace was that they loaned you walking sticks – which stank but came in pretty handy.


















More tengu



Almost mythical











View from the top






When you feel like dying but there’s only one way out



Reached the peak. yay.





these sticks are lifesavers



/insert motivational quote




After conquering the mountains, you’ll find yourself at Kibune, where a multitude of Kawado (Waterfall top) restaurants are. We headed to the best in the area – Hirobun – and in a moment of stupidity we accidentally signed ourselves up for some nagashi somen.


Salvation – Hirobun




You’re just gonna be paying for the experience; the somen were fresh, but overall it wasn’t really worth it. Especially if you’re left-handed (like I am), I wouldn’t recommend it. Hirobun sadly was fully booked so we headed downstream for alternative kawadoko restaurants.





September was just the correct season for Kawadoko. The restaurants fold up the tatami mats in October for winter, and won’t open them again till summer. Likewise for kawadoko dining you’re mostly paying for the experience.


Kawadoko dining time


The food was good – borderline exotic but nothing we couldn’t stomach – and they serve you in a couple of courses. Truthfully for the price you pay for a kawadoko meal, it would’ve been better if you’d topped it up and got yourself a nice ryokan BnB stay for the day.



You’d still be sent of awfully bloated – and we didn’t even finish the carbs – and in another moment of stupidity (food coma maybe) we decided to forsake the bus stop and simply walked towards the train station. Guys and girls reading this – DO NOT do this if you’re not the walking kind of person. It was a really long walk. Long and lonely. On the plus you’d hatch loads of pokego eggs.


Being overly bloated we decided to walk






all by myself~


Speaking of pokego, we conquered a gym on the top of Kurama-dera, and my Gyarados survived there for roughly a day or so. Highly recommend taking down gyms in this area.


Thanks for viewing!



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