Japan 2016 Travel Log 05: Hakodate


Hakodate was a crucial town in getting us from Tokyo to Sapporo and back. We stayed over for 2 nights (separately) which when totalled up, gave us more than sufficient time to cover the city, thereby ending our more than satisfactory rest stop at Hakodate.

Hakodate JR station







just in time for the funfair!









Exploring Hakodate



Sea view from our residence








All locals will definitely point you towards Mt Hakodate, and to the mountains we went! On the way, you can visit the Red Brick District, which is a port with a good selection of souvenir and food stalls.


Hakodate Red brick warehouse district











sunset. lens flare.


The rose ice cream stall is located there; you’d have to pay another 2 bucks or so to have them make your scoops into a rose, but I just went with it anyways because YOLO.





Why hello there, what are you doing all the way out here



more sunset



enroute up to the cable cars!


Mt Hakodate was extremely over-hyped, and throngs of tour buses came in one after the other. We queued to grab tickets, queued to be wedged onto the cable car, and queued to get off.


so baby we are going up up up up up


The top of the tower was simply stuffed with too many tourists, even selfie sticks couldn’t get us through the wall barricade of handphones and cameras.


view from mount hakodate… not that great



Okay so i managed to get this ONE shot



Getting dark


After waving the white flag on not being able to grab the city lights and almost calling it a day up here, the seats on the cafe cleared somewhat and we managed to snag a window view!


our redemption was found in the cafe below


Hakodate morning market is a different experience altogether from Tsukiji. You’d still have to wake up groggily early, and in our case, walk 2-3 kilometers from our hotel to the market as there weren’t public transportation.


Hakodate Morning Market




Prices were significantly cheaper as compared to Tsukiji’s but of course don’t expect the quality of sashimi to be on the same level. In the restaurant we went, you’re able to pick 3-4 different types of sashimi you’ll want to add into your donburi.


sashimi donburi



Inside the market



Our hobo lodgings in hakodate



Shinkansen from Shin-Hakodate to Osaka



long ride ahead





thanks for viewing!
more sotong

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