Japan 2016 Travel Log 04: Furano


Furano worried me whilst planning out our day itinerary, because of how inaccessible everything was due to not having a car. Surprisingly we made good time on our actual day by walking. So we started out from naka-furano, and detoured to upper naka-furano to Saika no Sato, which was up on a hill. There isn’t a direct route upwards, so you’d have to circle the slope, and that amounted to loads and loads of walking.

Naka Furano Station



on hindsight we should’ve stolen one









thus the hike begins




its a long road ahead




and it doesnt stop there no







lunch bekons


Our lunch spot really made the climb up worth it, because that is probably one of the freshest cherry tomatoes I’ve ever eaten in my life. The cafe overlooked the entire naka-furano, mountains in the distance and all, and we felt like we were living the life as we gorged legit fresh hokkaido produce.


this is by far one of my favourite meal on this trip








and the hike continues




sunflower field beside saika no sato



in a desperate attempt to break free from the wilderness



i’ve never appreciated paved roads that much




otw to the lavender park


The rest of it involved loads of walking from flower field to flower field – which is basically what furano’s all about. We risked a detour through an unconventional man-made route (which some locals probably took) to hightail our way down and out from the hills and back onto the resitdential areas, and finally re-routed our way back to the naka-furano’s main attraction – the Lavender fields of Farm Tomita.


rest stop – Nakafurano Flower Park





finally reached farm tomita whoopwhoop




This area was as touristy as it comes – with heaps of tour buses parked in the lots and heaps of tourists streaming around. September was a good season to come by – flowers were in full bloom and I couldn’t ask for anything better. Tomita has two fields – one completely filled with lavender of different colours, and the other spotted a range of other types of flowers. They also have a lavender greenhouse for the more strongly scented range- the ones good for tea and scented products.



Lavender appreciation spammage



whoops let’s not forget the other flowers



come to me my lovelies
come to me my lovelies








There is a melon farm – which spotted sunflower fields- right next to Farm Tomita, which sold melon fruits on melon soft serves,  melon bread, and other melon desserts. Farm Tomita was the direct opposite – selling Lavender soft serves and a range of lavender themed souvenir snacks from cookies and tea to mochi and lavender milk, which really weren’t appealing to us as they all tasted like your bathroom soap. These two farms were rivalling with each other – Tomita going as far as to put up a sign banning melon products from their premises.




There were also another batch of sunflowers



heading back to the station









Furano Station



Dinner found at a backstreet alley


We headed to Furano for dinner, and since our first choice of cheese ramen was already closed, we headed to hunt down our second recommended choice- Robata. Skeptical we were about the ulu back alley google maps led us to, Robata did not disappoint!


hard to find diner – robata




it was totally worth the hunt


The chefs/servers were familiar in handling tourists, friendly, and all too glad to give us dish recommendations when we gave up trying to decipher their calligraphic menu (which by the way is totally hipster and approved entirely) DFO would recommend anyone at Furano to give these guys a visit.


dinner is served






thanks for viewing!


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