Japan 2016 Travel Log 01: Sapporo

Travel photo-log 01
sapporo, hokkaido, japan

It took us quite a bit of travelling to get to Sapporo from Narita Airport – it took 5 hours from Narita to stopover at Hakodate for the night, before sitting down for another 5 hours on the Shinkansen the next day to finally arrive at Sapporo. We felt like our butts were turned into jelly, but well, thinking of how much we’ve saved on transport is really a big plus.

Sapporo Beer Museum


We managed to snag a AirBnB lodging that is very close to Sapporo’s Beer Museum and Garden, and it did not disappoint! You can run through the museum quickly enough- not being museum people we didn’t want to pay for the guided tours, so we simply explored the free section.












We got lucky and managed to get a slot in for the Beer Garden though, because they are usually fully filled during dinner time. There was a bit of a wait before our slot, which we spent killing time at the nearby mall, but the meat buffet which came after did our all waiting justice!





Sapporo Station







Sapporo Radio Tower








On other days, were we had spare time from our day trips outside of Sapporo, we headed down to central Sapporo for the food – specifically to Kani-Honke – for their all-crab menu. It really was worth the experience and the price! We were showed into a private room to dine, and on our way up, the restaurant spotted a small pond where they kept all their live crabs (which were soon to go down our stomachs).


Kani Galore at Kani-Honken





Kani Nabe www


The food was borderline exotic and kinda hard to appreciate for a non-native, so it’s good that we went for a sukiyaki mix which came with some dishes you enjoy and a few which you didn’t really know what to make of what you were eating.



Thanks for viewing!



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