Japan 2016 Travel Log 02: Otaru


So being directional idiots that we were, we got off to a lost start trying to find that street in Otaru and ended up detouring through the residential area at the start. Rule of thumb is to always just follow the crowd whenever you’re not sure which way to turn. But all was good as we managed to find our way in the end! \O/

View of Minami-Otaru from the Cafe



Minami-Otaru Station
















Fangfang and Bear-kun, sitting on a bench…


Otaru is really venetian-inspired, and they sell intricate hand-made glassware, glass art and music boxes. We were worried that these fragile objects would break in our luggage so we didn’t buy any, but it was fun browsing through them all the same!


Otaru’s Glass Art








Otaru might seem like a short area to comb, but with a multitude of shops (truthfully they kinda look all the same after awhile) you could easily take a full day to browse – half a day if you combed through them quickly like what we did.


Otaru Longkang which we foolishly thought it was the Otaru Canal OTL






This is the actual Otaru Canal guys






Off-crowd to Otaru Warehouse District for Lunch



Lunch at german tavern Otaru Soko No. 1








Satisfied Customers walking off with beer bellies


We started from Minami-Otaru station and headed down to Otaru station (usually people walk the other way around) in an attempt to beat the crowd, but I guess either way is fine because the entire street was filled with tourists nonetheless, surprisingly most were Japanese dropping by from other parts of Japan. The warehouse district was really worth the google research done prior to this trip as the crowds don’t tend to wander off into the smaller streets, so we could chug down our alcohol in relative peace.




then she saw her best bud



And we entered this really ulu street…







Otaru Station



goodbye otaru!



thanks for viewing!


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