坂田 銀時 CN Kinx
銀時(チビ) CN Sotsugu





photo by Fang




GG03 GG02






 GL03 GL02 GG01


























Thanks for reading!


Had been planning this shoot for quite a long time. Though some concepts couldn’t work out, thankfully the overall feels which I wanted to portray were still there. I was also half hesitant to cos someone more than half my age but I guess I managed to pull through somehow :’D The location was nowhere near rural, and we were still stared at by plenty of passerbys, but everything was so worth it once the pictures came out!

Also, much love and thanks to Fang, who leveled up several notches in the process of taking this shoot wwww. And to my really bishie Gin-san (who is in actuality not much bigger- it’s all about angling, trust me) for cosing with me~ ❤

O03 O02

Until next time!


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