Kuroko no Basket: Tatsuya Himuro

陽泉高校: 氷室 辰也


Himuro Tatsuya from Yosen
辰也 CN: TAE
Photos by SOTSUGU

Keep a hot heart and a cool head, think before you act, and never give up.


After much procrastination on my part, this photoset is finally out! Took extra care in the colour balance, hoped I managed to portray the lonely, empty part of precious Himuro-kun well. And of course, his elegant swag as well.

So, after many months of being chased, I hoped I didn’t disappoint too much! Looking forward to the upcoming season 3 of Kurobasu in January~ And of course, the next few chapters of Team ‘Vorpal Swords’ in Extra Game! wwww


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