Love Live! Natsuiro.

Natsuiro Egao de 1, 2, Jump!


園田海未 CN @ KOYUKI
Photos by SOTSUGU

Hot hot day but we managed to pull through! \O/

Sort of dying before the shoot even begun but we managed to pull out enough energy in-between to get the shots! I tried to aim for a more ‘sniper’ casual feel in the pictures, but of course, there’s still loads I need to improve on as far as photography goes.

We didn’t manage to take any shots at the rope bridge because there were too many people around… T^T  On the plus side, the sea was miraculously blue. (quite a feat in Singapore!) And there was the usual curious tourists coming up to ask for photos ^^;

Photos turned out not too bad for a first beach shoot, though they were almost burnt at some points. I struggled a lot with the colour processing since the lighting kept changing at different points in the shoot. I think I gave up on colour coordinating at some point during my post-processing. And the shadows. Ugh, the harsh shadows.

On a side note, I found myself editing out a ton of things I didn’t think I’d ever be editing:

  • 3  Floating bald heads
  • Uneven sand/ coastlines (ugh my OCD)
  • 5  Signposts
  • A dozen irritating passer-bys
  • 6  Stray Leaves
  • 1  Broken tree branch no thanks to SKW
  • A ton of litter
  • Some dude spraying water out of his mouth (=_=)
Minami Kotori CN Akemin
Minami Kotori CN Akemin


Sonoda Umi CN Koyuki
Sonoda Umi CN Koyuki


Overall would say this is quite a successful shoot, considering it only took roughly 2 hours to get all the shots before we wrapped it up. The sun K.O.-ed everyone quite fast.

Many thanks again to the cosplayers for braving the heat and listening to my nonsensical demands~ And thanks to all SKW who came down to assist/ do nonsense with us throughout!




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